HU Turbo vs. 6-max Turbo - psychology issue

    • PrzeoRski
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      Good morning:)

      Yesterday I met my friend who play poker for fun on pokerstars. He told that he prefer play 6-max tables than HU because for him it is more fun.

      And where comes question if for avarage fun player HU could be a little less entertaining than 6max turbo. What do you think?

      From about a month I'm reading and learning about HUs and do you know if it could be more profitable if I will mix my skills I trained with 6-max?

      Maybe 6-max poker tables are more fishy than HUs??

      Have your own opinion about pros and cons in HU vs. 6-max?

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    • pavels4444
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      if you start playing HU, then start with hyper-turbo. Easy to learn and attracts way more fishes than turbo. Action is just soo much better
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi again, PrzeoRski!

      Glad to see you are a regular poster in our SnG forum discussion forums. This is a good way to share opinion with poker players, improve your game and set your mind into the right direction.

      Let's go down to the questions now:

      Whether one format is more or less fun depends strictly on the player. When I first started SnGs I prefered to play 9-10-player ones as I knew I had to play tight for the most part, which gave me a secure feeling that I have less room for making mistakes. Things have changed since and I can clearly say that 6-player SnGs have a better reg:fish ratio than 9-player ones. IMO fish loves the action, he is there to entertain himself and that's not what he does if he plays 1 out of 10 hands. That's why he prefers to sit on a short-handed table where action pays off better.

      As for pros and cons in HU vs 6-max I will go this way:

      Pros in HU:

      -smaller BR needed
      -greater volume(depends) due to smaller average time duration
      -easier to table select as we only need to take 1 player into consideration
      -usually smaller variance
      -higher traffic on higher stakes, especially compared to 9-player SNG that are hard to get a game running for 100$+ stakes
      -easier to move up the ladder(stakes)

      Cons in HU

      -lower number of tables running at a time- although it takes less time to finish on HU SnG game, we also can't multitable as much as in 6-9-player game as we are involved in every hand and that requires our attention
      - No auto pilot! Not at all. You always have to be sure that you play your A game as there is no place to hide. You are involved in every hand.
      -requires much greater postflop skills. Postflop is hard to learn. I think it's rather easier to learn the push/fold basics. But, maybe I am wrong and it could be easier/more fun for you to study postflop rather than ICM.

      Possible few more pros and cons, if I missed something, please feel free to add. It's hard for me to say what's gonna be more profitable for you as I don't know what your best game is. Every format will be profitable if you have an edge over your opponents.