TerrorBlade's Video#2 Mixed 1-2/2-4 FL SH

    • TerrorBlade
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      Here it is:

      How to lose ~7$ in 20 minutes!

      Length: 19:26
      Size: 106mb

      1-2/2-4$ FL SH on PartyPoker, I was thinking for my next video I should have a sort of topic to talk about between the hands I play maybe something relating to an article in the strategy section.

      Also any tips on how to reduce the file size are very welcome...

      Song List(in order): Theory of A Dead Man:
      Hating hollywood
      No way out
      no surprise
      in the middle,
      santa monica
      saying goodbye

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    • G1lius
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      let's see...

      11.00: 96o, I would 2nd barrel as a semi-bluf. check/call would be the worst thing, if you check/fold I think you're just giving the hand away cause he could bet any 2 there I think. and with a bluf you're getting better hands to fold.

      12.59: KJo, I would raise the flop as a semi-bluf, betting every turn if he checks. His delay makes me think he either has 99/TT, or nothing.

      I personally don't like the background music, since it's hardly hearable anyway, and makes it harder to understand you (although that's not really a problem, sound is very good).

      For better compression I personally use virtual dub (freeware) because I've used it in the past for more advanced video edditing, but there are more user-friendly programs to get the same result I think.
    • TerrorBlade
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      As for the poker stuff I'll watch the video when I get home, as for the music thanks for the feedback =) I'm interested to hear what other people have to say also!