Pokertracker 3 or 4

    • samson11
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      I'm aware that is offering a HEM 2 deal at the moment, however I recently came across a site where they were offering deals on both HEM 2 and PokerTracker 3 or 4, but i can't remember what site. so I was wondering could you get the Pokertraker team to make a similar offer on there software. I ask this because i find PokerTracker more user friendly and since i only play at the micro level i don't want to spend more than $25 on software and considering the offer on HEM 2 ends on the 15 April I would appreciate a quick response, Thank you!
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    • mute20
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      I would defiantly recommend hem2. I just installed it yesterday in anticipation of buying it and have been blown away. I have been using pt3 for the last 2 months on trial, but hem2 seems to have quite an edge on table stats. Even the trial is twice as good, since I don't think they restrict anything for the 30 days. You have to register with them, but hell with the quality of hem2 I am impressed.
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