equilab usage question

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    • savage1981
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      Not sure I understand the second question. I use Equilator for spots where I got 3bet shoved on and I know the equity I need for a call. I plug in my opponents 3betting range and then look at what hands had enough equity for a call.
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi again!

      + 1 for Savage1981, not sure I understand the second question.

      Well, I do use equilab when I try to figure out how my hand does equity wise vs what I assume opponent(s) range is. F.e. If I am facing a call decision getting 37% pot odds + 3% ICM tax, I will just see if my hand has 40%+ equity vs my opponents range. We can also use it in HU spots where ICM doesn't play, so our decision is based purely on odds:equity ratio.

      There is no option to import history hands or so. You have to type them manually. More about the program's functions you can find here :Click