to rake or not to

    • traprock
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      been away from online poker since black friday, but looking to get back in. i will start playing micro stakes and go from there. my question is should i sign up thru an affiliate and get rakeback at these stakes? by the way, great deal for hm2.. it's a no brainer.
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    • pswyatt
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      Hey traprock,

      HM2 is a great deal, did you take advantage of the offer?

      If you sign up at one of the poker rooms via our website then you can qualify for the rakeback deals at selected poker rooms. If you're tracked to us then you can always take advantage of the rakeback further down the line should you decide to up your stakes so you don't miss out.

      Take a look at the promotions on offer:

      Remember, as long as your poker room is tracked to us you will also receive StrategyPoints along with our other exclusive promotions.

      If you need any further information then just let us know. :)

      Best of luck!
    • Quadzzzzzzz
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      Just saw your post and remembered this thread ---> The importance of rakeback for Low Volume/Micro Grinders .

      It surprised me at how much rakeback can make a difference if you're still going through the micro's etc!

      Hope it helps!

    • RasTweet
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      Hi traprock

      I think it is nice to get rake back regardless which limit you play. It's free $$$ you get back and free $$$ = NICE!!

      Best of luck on the tables!