Playing low limit turbos

    • FlashDavin
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      I follow the chart and have mastered ICM (95%+) but yet my all-in EV line against these fish is quite bad. How should I adjust my range when I know people are calling me much looser? For example, a fish who calls any pair, any two face cards, any ace and any king (which is what I am experiencing at $1 SNGs). What range should I push from SB and BU when I am around 4 BB deep?

      Also, sort of unrelated, but what should I be doing when I reach 2.5 BB or less in these turbo tournaments (I generate no fold equity)? I usually start pushing any decent hand from any position because I am getting so short. Is this the right approach?

      Also, how should I be dealing with fish (40+ VPIP) who limp when I want to shove? Should the range tighten or widen as the money might be viewed as dead money?

      One last thing! When I am shoving a +EV range (Say K6s from SB into BB) and the opponent folds, does this go towards a positive tournament EV (In HEM 1...that silly red line), because my all in was +EV or does the red line only adjust when they CALL my all ins? If so, how is it possible to have a positive EV line when they only call tight and we have to push wide in some situations?

      Thank you.
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, FlashDavin!

      Let's get straight to the questions:

      The way you adjust against somebody calling your all ins very loose is by pushing a tighter range. I really doubt that most fishes will call as loose as you point though. Maybe you are just facing a bad streak of loose callers. As for the range you push- it depends on the effective stack sizes, how many people are left, previous history, type of fishes etc. Usually fishes have a more static range and don't adjust accordingly in the late game. Therefore we can push a very loose range. It's very vital, however, to have fold equity. Without fold equity, we can't push a wide range. With 4bb against fishes, you should have some FE, so you should still shove a wide range. Things might change fast if we are on the bubble though(as ICM tax is high), if we got spite called by one of these players or simply showed up with a trash hand as that ruins our table image. Keep that in mind. I don't wanna say a certain % of hands as this might mislead you without knowing all the info I need. So what I suggest you to do is post a hand that you are unsure about in our evaluation forum, so our handjudges(including me) can take a closer look and give you a more helpful and accurate answer. There is a link:

      up to 5$ Evaluation Forum

      When having 2.5 BB we usually try to push any decent hand as you pointed out. We usually have no FE, but we are super short anyway, so we need to make moves and try to double up. I will usually go for around 40-45% of hands.

      Third question- Depends. Does he limp/call wide or limp/fold often? How many eff. BB do you have? What's your position, what position is the fish limping from and many other things to consider. Usually if fish limps from late position and I am sitting in the blinds for about 10bb eff. I will push around 40% of hands- some like 22+, Axs+, A7-8o+, decent broadway, mid-high suited connectors and some gappers.

      As for the last question- I found this really nice article about EV and I suggest you read it. There is the link-

      You can also ask in the poker tools forum section on our site if you have any further questions about HEM.

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      If you have someone calling you very wide when your shoving you either have very little FE or he happens to think his hand is good a lot of fish on the low limits do seem to call with hands like 2 face cards and such and face card rag suited.

      In this case just make a note on him and tighten up your range on him, but just remember to know what the stack sizes were at the time as he might not call you so wide if you were deeper.

      And remember if ahead when you get the money in that's the main thing, but it's all about adjusting to how the players your shoving into will react, keep at it soon it will click like it seems to have done for me!

      GL at the tables.