• DevilDonk
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      I have one question which has been bugging me fore the past month.

      I received a 50$ free starting capital on William Hill from PS and started grinding first2$ and then 5$ HU SNGoes. I am now up 250$ in a month after little less than 300 SNGoes with a ROI of 12$.

      But there is a problem, my HM2 graph shows that i am running super hot and i mean SUPER hot. With luck adjustment it shows that i should be down like 100$.

      I have tried to look at my game objectively and i really do not think that i have been super lucky. Maybe a little but surely not that much.

      So my question finally is, is it possible to have a particular style of play which statistically can not be properly monitored or am i just on a huge heater and should prepare for disaster in the near future? What do you guys think?
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