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Dealing with limping fish late stage with marginal hand

    • FlashDavin
      Joined: 25.10.2011 Posts: 421
      How do I deal with fish (35+ VPIP) who like to limp in the late phase of the game as larger stacks?

      Dead money?
      Strong holdings?

      For example, I had 6BB while a guy with 14 BB limped from CO and SB had just busted. So it was me, BB and CO(limper) and I held K9o. Should I still be shoving? Obviously I had planned to shove just vs BB but the CO limping throws me for a loop. I think he may call light Ax here so is it profitable to still shove?

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    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, FlashDavin!

      To analyze your hand though, I need all the details:

      How many people are left, what are the stack sizes of every player, what's your reads on CO/BB, do you have any meta going on? What is the type of SnG, pay out structure etc. I guess you have a poker tracking software such as HEM or PT? You should simply post the hand history in one of our hand evaluation forum and you will get the professional opinion of our hand judges. There is the link: up to 5$ hand evaluations

      Just to give you some guidance- although the limper bring in some more dead money, we usually can't push as wide as we would if only facing the BB as there is one more player to consider(possible caller). The chance we get called gets higher, therefore our FE decreases, so we should exclude some % of hands from our range. Fold equity also depends on how likely is one of these players to call you. Some fishes limp/fold more than others. That means we should be pushing more hands vs the ones that fold more. As for your hand- I am shooting a bit in the dark as I miss the info I need, but in most cases, if not close to the bubble, I will still usually push k9o.

      Also keep in mind that we need fishes PFR- if he is 35 VPIP/0 PFR f.e. we should also expect some trap/strong hands in his range. That will reflect on our pushing range. Usually, however, I will exclude at least top 10% of hands for a fish that limps the CO. So you don't have to fear getting called by Ax that often.