[NL2-NL10] Kk

    • Aerox232
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      PokerStars - $0.05 NL ZOOM - Holdem - 9 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 3

      BTN: $7.67
      SB: $3.99
      BB: $4.00
      Hero (UTG): $6.13
      UTG+1: $6.11
      MP: $5.00
      MP+1: $3.97
      LP: $0.76
      CO: $9.83

      SB posts SB $0.02, BB posts BB $0.05

      Pre Flop: ($0.07) Hero has K:heart: K:club:

      Hero raises to $0.15, fold, fold, MP+1 raises to $3.97 and is all-in, LP calls $0.76 and is all-in, fold, fold, fold, fold, Hero calls $3.82

      Flop: ($8.77, 3 players) 7:club: T:diamond: 8:heart:

      Turn: ($8.77, 3 players) 6:club:

      River: ($8.77, 3 players) 6:diamond:

      Hero shows K:heart: K:club: (Two Pair, Kings and Sixes) (Pre 10%, Flop 6%, Turn 6%)
      MP+1 shows A:spade: A:heart: (Two Pair, Aces and Sixes) (Pre 80%, Flop 93%, Turn 91%)
      LP shows 3:spade: K:spade: (One Pair, Sixes) (Pre 9%, Flop 2%, Turn 3%)
      MP+1 wins $8.41
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    • Tomaloc
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      without at least 50 hands of him playing like 0/0 i call. :D he's not even fully stacked
      of course take a note though
    • supergaijin
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      What's to evaluate?

      What kinda soulreads you think you gonna have to lay down kk to this shove unless you have this insane metagame going on with villain?
    • Tomaloc
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      reminds me of a quite funny (imo) story i had on ftp rush:

      i have AKs from early position, raise it up and some shortstack guy reraise shoves. not sure if he is a reg or if he always raises/reraiseshoves like that, doesn't look too nitty from the few hands i have on him. i call. he flips AA and wins the pot :f_eek:

      like 10~20 hands later, i get AKo on middle pos and same guy (now a midstack from having doubled up on me) reraise shoves again. i think to myself, "he can't have the nuts all the time". i call. he flips AA and wins the pot :f_eek:
      then i quit the session :D

      what's my point? "trust reads"? a little story about variance? AK sucks?
      i dunno, just thought i'd share :f_p:
    • gnawhalak
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      i would ship KK anytime of the day PF even if he is nitty...
    • veriz
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      Hello Aerox232,

      Most likely on those stakes I would open 4xBB. :) But otherwise super-standard-snap-call.

      Best Regards.
    • zumpar
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      from an experience, these openshoves/huge over raises (while being pretty deep) mean AA like 80% of the time. Donks usually do this on the button/SB/BB as thy are trying to look like they are stealing and hoping a hand like AQ+/99+ will call them.
      But you really cant fold kings there. QQ/AK id consider, but not KK