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PokerJoke and online rigged!

    • kiromanAAKK
      Joined: 08.10.2009 Posts: 4,022
      Hi guys, you know Im not the sort of person that showing around any time end ITM or won a tournament but tonight (well this morning to be more accurate :D ) I would like share this story with you first because never happen before in my poker carrier and second because it prove that one chip and one chair (or something like that ... lol) it is true

      I was ended after lost again a coin flip even if head (here we are with usual whinging :D ) with exactly 1 blind; it was an MTT with over 500 players and we where after the second hour-break down to around 200 player ... well, to don't take to long (also because it is bed-time for me :D ) I ended 1st.

      But don't think that Im a lucky guy, the session even if positive with couple ITM and another FT (where unfortunately I ended 6st ofc with a badbeat :D ) has been full of badbeats like

      Poker Stars $0.23+$0.02 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t75/t150 Blinds - 8 players - View hand 1726949
      DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

      BB: t6724 44.83 BBs
      UTG: t3421 22.81 BBs
      Hero (UTG+1): t3735 24.90 BBs
      MP1: t4167 27.78 BBs
      MP2: t5977 39.85 BBs
      CO: t940 6.27 BBs
      BTN: t3675 24.50 BBs
      SB: t6969 46.46 BBs

      Pre Flop: (t225) Hero is UTG+1 with T :club: T :heart:
      UTG calls t150, Hero calls t150, MP1 calls t150, MP2 raises to t300, 2 folds, SB calls t225, BB calls t150, UTG calls t150, Hero calls t150, MP1 calls t150

      Flop: (t1800) J :club: T :diamond: 7 :club: (6 players)
      SB bets t150, BB calls t150, UTG folds, Hero raises to t750, MP1 raises to t3867 all in, MP2 folds, SB calls t3717, BB folds, Hero calls t2685 all in

      Turn: (t13119) K :club: (3 players - 2 are all in)

      River: (t13119) A :heart: (3 players - 2 are all in)


      Poker Stars $0.02+$0.00 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t50/t100 Blinds + t20 - 8 players - View hand 1726950
      DeucesCracked Poker Videos Hand History Converter

      UTG: t1400 M = 4.52
      UTG+1: t5815 M = 18.76
      MP1: t1530 M = 4.94
      MP2: t1445 M = 4.66
      CO: t3040 M = 9.81
      BTN: t5930 M = 19.13
      SB: t1850 M = 5.97
      Hero (BB): t1450 M = 4.68

      Pre Flop: (t310) Hero is BB with K :spade: A :diamond:
      UTG calls t100, 5 folds, SB calls t50, Hero raises to t1430 all in, 1 fold, SB calls t1330

      Flop: (t3120) 8 :club: 8 :spade: 7 :club: (2 players - 1 is all in)

      Turn: (t3120) 6 :club: (2 players - 1 is all in)

      River: (t3120) J :diamond: (2 players - 1 is all in)

      so, I mean it is right say PokerJoke isn't it???

      plus online rigged ... Pokerstars rigged ... all the rooms rigged ... cospiracy against Kiroman ... etc. ... etc. ...

      and now Im going for real because Im very upset

      ... do you believe that? :D

      Cheerio :)
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