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      After playing micro stakes on Stars for a while I finally lost my initial $20 and decided to improve my theory a lot, so here I am, just passed the quiz and hopefully I'll grind myself up the micro's this time :)
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      Hi kaKalukiA

      Welcome to the community!!

      Well done on passing the quiz!! On which site are you going to use your free $50? What did you play before? Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

      Best of luck on the tables!

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      Hey kaKalukiA,

      I see that you passed the Quiz, but you're still Basic? :( If you're having any kind of trouble do not be afraid to ask us!

      If you failed our ID Check, thus not claiming our free $50, that is just the beginning of PokerStrategy! We have so much Material that you can learn from:

      :diamond: Articles
      We have a range of Articles for any Skill level, whether you're a Beginner or Expert, there is so much to learn from. Do you know what "Implied Odds" or "Floating" means? Just two examples of Articles to help you win more $$!
      :diamond: Videos
      Don't enjoy reading? No problem! Watch videos of our Coachs play, they will explain their actions throughout, letting you into the mind of a winning player!
      :diamond: Coaching
      Similar to Videos, but LIVE! Watch a Coach play in realtime, ask him why he is playing the hand in a specific way "Why did you only bet X and not X?" for example.
      :diamond: NL Beginner School
      Our Beginners course is very successful, it has turned so many Losing/New Players into steady winners just by teaching them the fundamentals of poker, such as Position, Odds/Outs, Different opponent Types & your poker mindset. Serious about poker? This is for you!
      :diamond: Hand Evaluations
      We also offer Hand Evaluation forums so that you can post up some hands that you're unsure you played correct, our Hand Judges will review your hand and explain the best way to play.
      :diamond: Exclusive Promotions
      We have sooooo many promotions just for our Tracked accounts, even though you sadly missed out on the Free $50, we still have Freerolls at Betfair just for our members! We have a $10,000 Freeroll every week at different rooms, so be sure to stick around ;)

      As you can see, we offer so much more than the Free $50, that is just one way to improve. We also have some smaller Capitals to keep you going (See my Signature below) I hope you decide to stick around!

      Any other questions, feel free to ask and we will sort you out ASAP! :D
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      Hello and welcome to pokerstrategy.com forum.......Good luck and run good :)