Grummelar basic coaching (Everest Poker) 13.04.2012

    • kiromanAAKK
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      Yesterday the live coaching was very good and interesting and Im sure (as I said already during the lesson) that all the members present at the lesson have really appreciate and understood all as your explanation was perfect.

      Unfortunately, Im living a funny moment in my real life full of crap, so, because that Im almost exhaust, tired and with my mind all over the place than, please don't give too much importance to what I said as Im sure it wasn't every1 case.

      Plus, I love the subject and even if I struggle a bit in the end, in the complex I was fascinated and I have followed all with great interest and attention all the cross the hour and half of the lesson.

      I have take also few bits during your teaching (thanks for that) and Im very please as I can include now in my studying :f_cool:

      Thank you very much for the great lesson anyway and just to let you know, your lessons are amazing (like your knowledge) interesting and useful!

      Thanks for your coaching :)
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    • EuanM
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      Hey kiromanAAKK,

      Thanks a lot for the Feedback!

      I've passed your thread to grummeler so he can see!

    • grummeler
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      Kiro, i allways feel happy seeing you so consistently in my coaching.
      thanks for the nice feedback as there will be an official feedback thread in the future :)

      I so much can feel with you with your private live!
      Thats also my reason to not go millionaire with poker untill now ! :D