Rebuy events

    • AltarEgo
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      NEVER again - well I say never, probably not until I can afford higher stakes.

      Unibet is retarded. In the 1500 3euro buyin rebuy, literally every circuit of the table there were 3+ all ins.

      Tournament poker has changed so much - and these weren't even good/semi good hands.

      It's garbage like 74off, J6 etc etc.

      I haven't experienced such donkasaurs on any other site, not even freerolls.
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    • MatejM47
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      The point of microstakes rebuy tournaments are to double up 2 or 3 times early on so you have a big stack in middle stage of the tournament. You cant go around waiting for a big hand since you'll get to play like a 100 hands before rebuy period ends so you just stick it in with anything that has 30% equity and hope you suck out :)
    • AltarEgo
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      Maybe I'm living in 2009 pokerland...

      But whats the point in shoving all your chips for 3euros - so many people end up rebuying 3,4,5x = 9-15euro buy-in.

      Just seems senseless to donk in with junk.

      My point being that why not just play a 10euro tourney to begin with.
    • DonBartos
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      Why cant u play both?
    • YohanN7
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      People like to gamble and if they do it in a regular game they do it more in a rebuy. That is not to say that they play it correctly. They don't. Pushing crap is not good regardless of how nice it is to be deep later on. Find the proper balance, and expect a huge variance.

      /Johan = :f_confused:
    • ihufa
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      Nothing pisses me off like having bad players at my tourney table. Unless they're all highstakes regs i refuse to play the tournament ever again.