My hand history mysteriously vanished, have you seen such a thing ?

    • kavboj84
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      Hi !

      I have just bought HM2, so far I have used Elephant, and I imported the Elephant database and with that everything is fine, I have all of my hands that could be found in the database so really no problem with that.

      But I had other hands, that I did not import to Elephant because they were of my previous screen name and I thought that they were unimportant, so I skipped the import then, but now I thought why not to import those also. I backed them up to a different volume to a complete different directory, that I use for backup. I make a backup usually from my hand histories in every two days, just copy the latest ones here and I have been doing this for about a year. Now when I navigated to this directory, I saw that almost all of the files are missing. Some quite old files are there, but they do not contain anything, i.e. they are 0 KB files, so just a file but not a single character in it. I cant recognize any pattern how these files exist there, it looks random whether a folder contains a 0KB history file or not, but 90% of the files are missing. I have checked the original folders of the rooms, and guess what: I have found 0 files there also, not even under my current screen name. The folder structure is there, I can see on which day I played or didnt, but the files are not. In top of that I play on 3 rooms, and every single hand history folder of these is empty like this, tho I played in two of them yesterday about 14-16 hours ago, and they can be found both in the elephant and in the HM2 database.

      Looks like someone had erased these intentionally.

      However, there are two exceptions that survived this mysterious disappearance, the one are the last files I copied two days ago from William Hills hand history folder, and about 1-2 months ago I had to reinstall my computer, and then I copied the entire party poker folder to save player notes to the backup volume, and the hand histories that this folder contains are still intact.

      For first I thought that the HM2 installed messed things up, but that would be only possible, if only those files were missing, that were in the default directories of the poker rooms. Since the files that I backed up to a different directory - that are no way set for Elephant or HM2 - are missing too, I dont have an idea what may have caused this issue.

      What on earth can this be ?(
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    • suaveplayer
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      This is likely some problem with the harddrive or the file system.

      I´ve had strange things happen to some partitions using the NTFS system even though ntfs is supposed to be very robust.

      There´s a chance you might still retrieve these files using some sort of file recovery software.

      Good luck.
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey kavboj84,

      A mysterious one for sure!

      I'll move your thread to the HM board so that you may be able to resolve the problem :)
    • netsrak
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      For all handhistory folders which you have configured in the HM auto-import the auto-import moves the files to the archive folder 15 minutes after the last access.
      So if HM is the cause for this you should find all your files under c:\hm2archive.
    • topmaks
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      e party poker folder to save player notes to the backup volume, and the hand histories that this folder contains are still intact