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nut FH to quads - omaha blog

    • Tsukk
      Joined: 30.07.2010 Posts: 461
      Hello everyone :)

      Im not really new here at or at blogging, I had some blog tries, but I always could keep it updated for 2 weeks max in czech community.
      So I decided to give it a try here, and lets see how long I will manage to update it enough.

      Why im making this blog?
      Well, because I think blogs are +EV, in self managing and improving discipline, also so I can look back to something when I will be baller :) .

      "Poker career"
      Seriously I play poker for a little more than year, but I struggled alot, I always managed to get good results, but immediately after big downswing, or rather losing XYZ BIs to gambler, I switched to other variant.

      My peak was crushing NL25 (tho never getting above 1k mark).

      That brings me to another point which I hope this blog will get me - staying at PLO and getting good at it, no switching to other variants etc..

      So this blog will keep track of me playing PLO all the way from micros. :)

      I will keep BRM rules of 50+10 for going up limits, when I decide that im making serious money, I will make alteast 200 BI "grinding bankroll" just to be sure I will never have to step down a limit.

      Also, if shot wont go well, or I will feel that im not skilled enough, I will STEP DOWN a limit and grind myself enough for next shot / study more.

      Shoting PLO10 - BRM 200 ( 50 BI for PLO4) + 100 (10 BIs for PLO10)
      Shoting PLO20 - BRM 500 ( 50BI for PLO10) + 200(10 BIs for PLO20)
      Shoting PLO40 - BRM 1000( 50 BI for PLO20) + 400 (10BIs for PLO40)

      I will probably make an exception for PLO50 (because usually the traffic on PLO40 is not enough), also because its so close to PLO40 so it will probably look like this:

      Shoting PLO50 - BRM 1320(33BI for PLO40) + 500(10BIs for PLO50)
      Shoting PLO100 - BRM 2500(50BI for PLO50) + 1000(10 BIs for PLO100)

      That should be enough for now and probably in point where I can make some serious money per month. :)

      So, where do I start?
      At PLO4, with cca 45BIs, and after 3 unsuccesfull shots due to lack of skill, patience and basically everything :)

      I want to spend on poker about 240 hours/month and I will divide it to three categories: Playing Reviewing d: Studying

      I will focus mainly on playing and reviewing, and less on studying, because I think u can get more value by reviewing hands and understanding situations equity wise properly, than from advanced concepts.

      The main point of this blog will be to make goals, and to MAKE SURE to complete them.

      Legend: Playing Reviewing d: Studying Mindset


      Stick to timetable
      / Have breaks in sessions, dont play straight more than 1 hour ( just sitout and stretch or something)

      Try to play when rested, in mood
      Make sure not to be distrubed by anyone or anything while playing
      Close all tabs (music allowed), close every messanger, facebook, skype, etc

      Be self critic, dont blame variance, bad beats or runbad
      Reviewe according to timetable
      Post max hands/day at english community everyday
      Successfully become Ribbos (handjudge) nightmare because of everyday spam.

      Make sure to attend all coachings and watch whole solid state PLO

      Thats basically it, I wanted to make some sort of a short term goals, but realized that I captured it pretty well in the "goals" section, so I will just review the goals every month and see if I done them.

      Thanks for reading if somebody managed it to read it, but I really doubt that :)
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    • Tsukk
      Joined: 30.07.2010 Posts: 461
      Little update for myself :) and anonymous readers ! :f_p: :f_p:
      Didnt make it to review session tonight :( , too much real life work, but managed to get in session, should prolly make them like 90 mins or maybe even 60 or try more frequent breaks, because I feel my concentration dropping rapidly after first hour (so does my winnings)

      Tommorow I will start with posting hands from todays session, and will experiment with the session lenght a little :)

      Good luck on tables, :)
    • Tsukk
      Joined: 30.07.2010 Posts: 461
      So update after first week of me playing again ...

      Well, I ended up with about 4.2bb/100 after first week mainly due one particular fish who burned my profit in last session of every day by its magic floping skills :)

      Well, I need to develop my mindset more, and set strict rules for session starting/ending - 1 hour seems to work quite good for me, but I just cant stop when im losing, I feel the need to chase it to atleast B/E - need to get rid of that :) )

      If I wouldnt tilt and would quit when I had to this week, I would be at more comfy bb/100 then not even 5 :)

      Im quite happy about my progress in reviewing, posted about 50 hands this week, which is solid, but would like to post 10/day :) )

      Need to work on myself :)

      GL at tables :)