[NL20-NL50] [SH] NL25 AKo vs donkbet

    • duder1n0
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      $25.00 No Limit Hold'em - 6 players -

      CO: $24.63
      BTN: $28.48
      SB: $24.38
      BB: $37.42
      UTG: $23.43
      Hero (MP): $44.68

      Pre Flop: ($0.37) Hero is MP with K :club: A :spade:
      1 fold, Hero raises to $0.75, 2 folds, SB calls $0.63, BB calls $0.50

      Flop: ($2.25) 2 :club: J :diamond: A :heart: (3 players)
      SB bets $2.25, BB folds, Hero calls $2.25

      Turn: ($6.75) 7 :diamond: (2 players)
      SB bets $5.06, Hero folds

      SB (380 hands)
      VPIP/PFR/SB3bet/SBcallopen 28/10/6/20
      donkbetflop 13
      AFflop/turn/river 2,8/6/3,3
      AFqflop/turn/river 30/38/34
      WtSD/W$SD 25/65

      Flop is an easy call, any other action doesnt make much sense.
      What would you do on the turn? If I call here there is a potsize bet left by the river, where I have to call as well. As he started donking into 2 opponents, and continued on the turn setting up a river push, I decided to fold here. Hard to imagine what he could bluffing here with, but he can have AJ/A2s/22, maybe even JJ.
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    • Kaitz20
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      you beat there bluff. If you don´t think he is bluffing enough then fold is fine.
      I would called turn to see what he does on the river. If I am suspicious I would likely call him down (he should have enough KQ, KT or total air to not fold tptk)

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