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Goal setting for a lazy poker pro

    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,273
      New computer cam through yesterday spent ages configuring everything, also got a new screen for the bad boy

      My setup grind station now includes


      27" and 24 " screens

      As far as sticking to the routine went it was a total failure, some real life problems as well as no encouragement from anyone around me (rl friends think the whole routine thing is funny and stupid)

      Back im back online and am determined to give it another shot..

      Dont really feel that motivated to grind but got some holidays coming up need more moniez
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,273
      sooo long time no speak And were back on the grind... This time Its a week project designed to increase my poker playing time dramatically.

      The idea is simple

      • Poker project

       tues: 5 hours
       wed: 6 hours
       thurs: 7 hours
       fri: 5 hours
       sat: 6 hours
       sun: 7 hours
       mon: 8 hours (bonus!)

      Aswell as this i will be sticking to the routine i so dramatically failed the last time round + having healthy meals/snacks between playing time.

      These include

      tuna and pepper
      chicken with salad mix
      omelette with peanut butter
      protein shakes
      protein bars
      apples & yoghurt
    • DeLau
      Joined: 10.01.2009 Posts: 1,606
      GL on the routine thing. Don't pussy out!
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,273
      so yesterday was good, spent 4 out of 5 hours 6 tabling fullring and bumhunting headsup

      and 1 hour 2 tabling a reg headsup

      overall i lost about 4 buy ins but no biggy played well and enjoying the desktop

      inbetween the sessions i had omelette with peanut butter and an apple

      tuna with roasted pepper and a yoghurt

      mix of nuts, some strawberries and a protein bar

      and 2 steaks with some salad leaves

    • fruktpuff
      Joined: 24.09.2010 Posts: 3,982
      Two steaks with "a few leaves", I like the ratio here!
    • Schnitzelfisch
      Joined: 08.11.2008 Posts: 4,952
      We're already seeing amazing growth and progress here, I am proud to have James as a student!
    • jmackenzie
      Joined: 04.06.2008 Posts: 1,273
      So last week i finished the project of attempting to increase my poker productivity by having varying amounts of time to play each day, along with a healthy energy focused diet from the moment I wake up till I finished grinding....

      Overall I played 38 hours of poker during the week and was introduced to the real benefits of eating healthily, although the main goal of playing a varying set of hours was pretty much a total fail, added to the fact i actually lost money, I'm very happy about the big change in playing time and on overall productivity i had during that week.

      What I still need to improve though, is using the blog as a platform to help myself improve my overall productivity.. I want to change and making my goals public will surely make me feel infinately more commited I dont want to look like that chump who says their gunna change when everyone around them knows theyl give up by the end of the week.

      My next goal, starting today, may seem a little easier than last week but if it works out It should have a very productive week, I also want to start fully accomplishing my goals rather than setting the weights too high each time..
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