Pokertracker problems at pokerstar

    • PopaS
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      After friday pokerstar update, tracker dosent anymore accept many hands... I think hands that end before river...?

      does anyone have same kind of problems?

      tracker messages:

      Auto Import log

      Import Finished With Errors - The import finished but there were errors. Open the Utilities/Error Log Display/Maintenance window to see the errors - 1 file(s) read - 2 new hand(s) were imported.

      error log

      No turn found for game #17330112463.
      No flop found for game #17329919458.
      No river found for game #17329901413.
      .... version AutoStars (2.17.02)

      I have allready over 500 errors, so opponents are getting some edge if I wont get as many hands as them. :(
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