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[NL2-NL10] Hand Evaluation Coaching - Homework #30 15.04.12

    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello PokerStrategists,

      as some of you may have heard that we have a homework in each of our No-Limit Hand Evaluation Coachings.

      Here is the homework for the coaching from April 15rd, please note:

      • Everybody is invited to share his thoughts here regardless if you joined the last coaching or not.
      • Whoever is active in the homework threads can get a free database analysis by us which helps you to improve your game.

      Find the hand below waiting for you opinions and analysis posted in this thread. Furthermore do not forget to join our next coaching on Sunday, April 22th at 12:00 GMT.

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.50(BB) On Game
      SB ($91.71)
      Hero ($50)
      UTG ($53.03)
      UTG+1 ($29.96)
      CO ($50)
      BTN ($49.75)

      Dealt to Hero 9:diamond: 9:spade:

      fold, fold, fold, BTN raises to $1.25, fold, Hero calls $0.75

      FLOP ($2.75) 8:club: 2:diamond: 3:club:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $1.75, Hero calls $1.75

      TURN ($6.25) 8:club: 2:diamond: 3:club: 8:diamond:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $4, Hero calls $4

      RIVER ($14.25) 8:club: 2:diamond: 3:club: 8:diamond: 5:spade:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $10.50,

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    • asimos
      Joined: 21.07.2011 Posts: 1,448
      I would b/f the turn. We can take value from draws/under-pairs that may not bet + we take the initiative. It is difficult to play c/c oop 3 streets.

      As played: I would c/f the river, although all the draws missed. We cannot win nothing from Villain's value bet range on the river.
    • ljovej
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 155
      Villain preflop range is something like this 22+,A2s+,K9s+,Q9s+,J9s+,T8s+,98s,87s,76s,A4o+,K9o+,Q9o+,J9o+
      preflop: Hero should raise preflop here for info
      flop: bet or check-raise him then bet turn if he calls,fold to raise
      turn: his aggression and betting% are lower on turn, we still can hope that he bets against draw.Raise-fold
      river: call
    • Oly0909
      Joined: 08.06.2008 Posts: 856
      I think hero should 3bet preflop because BU steals with very wide range and calls often. If he 4bets we are probably beat and can fold, but against his raise/calling range we're actually doing pretty much OK, so I would even say that we're 3betting here for value.

      As played preflop, I think donk or check/raise would be much better option since we are OOP and theres so many cards that we don't want to see.
    • gadget51
      Joined: 23.06.2008 Posts: 5,622
      I think with 12K hands hero should know where he's at v this villain by now. So having taken the passive route, hero really needs to be calling on that blankish river. Villain's [lack of] river agression is a concern though, but you get what you ask for.

      Having said that I agree that this c/c three streets tactic is tough to do, so I too would bet/fold the turn, I hate not having control. And yes if called I do it again on the river.
      Don't like the play at all from hero, maybe I'm naive though, which is why I'm here. :)
    • ljovej
      Joined: 23.04.2009 Posts: 155
      This guy has similarly stats
      iPoker - $0.02 NL - Holdem - 8 players
      Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

      BTN: $2.00
      SB: $1.55
      Hero (BB): $2.94
      UTG: $0.82
      UTG+1: $2.59
      MP: $3.05
      MP+1: $2.00
      CO: $2.00

      SB posts SB $0.01, Hero posts BB $0.02

      Pre Flop: (pot: $0.03) Hero has 9:heart: 9:spade:

      fold, fold, fold, fold, CO raises to $0.08, fold, fold, Hero calls $0.06

      Flop: ($0.17, 2 players) 4:spade: 8:spade: 6:club:
      Hero checks, CO bets $0.10, Hero raises to $0.28, CO calls $0.18

      Turn: ($0.73, 2 players) 5:diamond:
      Hero bets $0.42, fold
    • noel50
      Joined: 05.10.2009 Posts: 105
      i would fold on the flop having missed my set i am op and am burning money to call or check raise (any card that comes on the turn that is not a nine is bad for us ) wait for better spot also i dont like the small raise to $1.25 raise by the villian alarm bells going off just my view tx noel
    • HansTheGreat
      Joined: 14.02.2010 Posts: 3,808
      Well I think it is a close case and villian dependent.
      My reasons for a call are that he is a reg that is probably capable of 3barelling with draws(busted) one aswell maybe put you on PP and wanta to get you off. Well you 12k and you should be probably aware how is he precieving you as well how he plays draws(since his BTN range is very wide).
      Without any reads I m inclinde to fold but again it doesnt make sense to call the turn and fold on blank river.So I think you should make your decision on the turn
    • mawaykid
      Joined: 28.11.2009 Posts: 2,777
      I think call pre is better, he fold 60% to 3b, but otb with a wide range this number increse alot, so would waste a good hand.

      I agree with donkbet turn. He cbet alot, is a dry board, and even he have a wide range of open, he will have alot garbage ott, and the 8 is a bad card for him still the agg with weak hands. So value bet turn.

      As played I c/f river, cause i think he dont still bet with draws/air turn often
      to make +30% of his bet range otr with worse hands.
    • Castle93
      Joined: 06.06.2011 Posts: 1,458
      Originally posted by noel50
      also i dont like the small raise to $1.25 raise by the villian alarm bells going off just my view tx noel
      hello buddy to just point out a lot of regs use this 2.5x raise size on the BTN :)

      Also as far as the hand goes, we re not beating anything on the turn apart from a bluff or a semi bluff, so id just donk the turn, or c/f, with a really strong read that he d go broke and 3 bet his draw might consider c/r the turn for value but thats pretty unlikely of such a strong read.

      Also on the river, if your calling the turn you should be calling the river, unless by this point you have realised you made a massive mistake calling the turn :coolface:
    • GrzeskoPhi
      Joined: 19.10.2010 Posts: 412
      I think thits line its fine. I think that he had big agression on the flop and we can take many value from his blufs.
      On the turn better line is check\call than bet\fold becouse he play very honestly on the river. River is fold.