Is this course still running?

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      Hi, sorry if this thread is in the wrong forum. I started a thread in the locker room and answered my first homework for lesson 1 a couple of days ago. Was wondering when a course tutor was going to assess my homework? Is it done at a certain time of the month? Or do I have to wait for the course to start again? It's just there does not seem to be much activity going on??
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    • veriz
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      Responsible guy is me and I was on a trip in London for the PokerStrategy party but now I am back and will take care of the homeworks. :) Even if you don't get an answer during few days it doesn't mean that we ain't evaluating them. You can just continue and they will be evaluated.

      I am sorry for the delay, will overview them as soon I can. :)

      Best Regards.