NL10 SH, FR to SH switch

    • cannell555
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      Hi guys, was hoping a few of the experianced NL10 SH players could enlighten me on a few questions I have. I have just played 500 hands SH for the first time, and used the SH raising chart. I had to use the chart as my FR game is very tight.

      I found people willing to go allin with 2nd pair almost everyhand I played. Is this normal? I also found myself keeping pots as small as I could, due to the fact these guys could be holding virtually any 2 cards. Normal? I think once I am used to it I will start building the pots big, as in FR I pretty much try to get it allin. Is this normal for the switch? In general is SH fishier than FR? Is it common to sit at tables with no short stacks? I was amazed that there were no SS on any of my tables.

      As I said I played 500 and gained 2BI's, so was fairly happy. I was only playing 2 tables as I was refering to the chart.

      Thx alot peeps!
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    • Backcushion
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      Not a NL player but it's nl10 SH :D ,people in there don't think with their head
    • aciddrop
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      I've just switched to SH after a year and a half playing FR.

      Only played about 2.5k hands so far, NL10 on Stars, and NL50 on Titan and Full Tilt. I can't believe how much simpler and easier it seems this time. I have had a couple of starts previously, but got badly punished, and retreated to the relative safety of FR. At which I am successful, but it is a real grind.

      NL10 on Stars is rubbish. It seems that people don't value money, when the stack is only ten dollars. So it is simple to play the way the coaches and better players here do and win (make money, sorry Nick).

      Titan is still ABC and loose and clueless at NL50. Full Tilt, much more aggressive, but not by any means highly skilled.

      Now that I have made the switch, I am refreshed and looking forward to playing a few hundred K hands, and raking it in.

      So now watch variance kick my arse.
    • TribunCaesar
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      HI cannell555

      Yes, i can confirm that Sh is pretty fishy. And yes it´s normal that players stick in their money with bad hands. Be glad about it. :D
      On higher limits it will get tougher, though.
      I switched at Nl25 over to SH and it was a good decision. ^^

      Best regards,
    • Chiller3k
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      I also switched from SSS to SH BSS and started at NL10 to get used to shorthanded.
      After a few thousand hands I moved up to NL25 (where I'm still playing at the moment)
      I think it was a good decision. One of the big advantages is that you nearly have no shortstacks, because the SSS only works on FR tables and the tables are very fishy.
      But it takes some time to adjust your play if you switched from fullring. So you shouldn't be too frustrated if you loose some money during the first few thousand hands.

      Good luck,