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    • Amirapuato
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      I'm starting to love Saturdays... just around 6 PM (ET) the action begins...

      This is what I got with a combination of SSS and BSS, in about 2 hours, just 4-tabling on NL10, and getting stats with Elephant.

      Hands: 442
      Handrange flop: 19.9 %
      Preflop raise: 7.9 %
      Open raise late position: 14.8 %
      Folded BB to Steal: 87.5 %
      Folded SB to Steal: 88.0 %
      AF (Flop/Turn/River): 35.0 / 3.0 / 1.2
      Handrange showdown: 4.3 %
      WtSDwsF: 21.6 %
      W$@SD: 68.4 %
      W$wsF: 42.0 %
      Rake: $3.69

      BB / 100: 54.5 :D
      Net win: $24.09 :D

      Some fishes with VP$IP = 90 ... mostly about 40-50... I always sat down as shortstack ($2) on the tables... on one table I left with over $12.

      I was having a nice day, KK got cracked once, QQ twice... so not a big upswing... but I was really nice. The best was when I got aces and pushed preflop with about $3.00, got 2 callers (KK & TT), and a nice fullhouse (A22) appeared on the flop. :D

      Since my last downswing (2 saturdays ago), my BR has boosted over $50. :D :D
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    • timukasr
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      Yeah, yesterday was good day in Party platform, I myself won just $25 (NL10) with QQ, opponents were calling with everything.
    • urmo1
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      in manson poker is everyday like full of fish and i have got this week like 130 dollars + bonus NL10 on manson poker i deposited last week and im happy very soon going to NL25,but i think so low limit's you find evryday those fishes.