Horrible lagging on Betfair

    • Bunn3yB0y
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      Hello, was just wondering if there was anyone who could help me with this problem.

      At the moment I am really struggling to play 4 tables because the lag is soo bad. For example, the timer is almost down to 0 and my cards and everyones bets havent appeared yet. Then when it does appear i have to frantically punish the mousepad on my keyboard for it to register anything!

      I'm thinking it is because of my new laptop because the processor isnt that great on it compared to my last laptop. My last laptop could handle 8+ tables easily. But hopefully someone can help me find a solution so i dont have to buy another laptop :/
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      Hi Bunn3yB0y,

      To be honest,

      I was 8-10 tabling here last week without any problems. If there is a site wide lag, we would normally see a thread about it. So, maybe in this case it is down to your new laptop.

      Unfortunately, I wouldn't be the best with computing, so I will try and find someone who is!

      Hang on in there,
    • Bunn3yB0y
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      Cheers yeah i thought so I was just 'hoping' it wasnt my laptop i guess :L aw well
    • maritsula
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      I am experiencing the same problems in the past 2 days. Its really really horrible. I was literally playing two heads up tables without being able to seeing my cards. There were some other players complaining about this lagging thing in an another forum