[NL20-NL50] NL20 AK in 3b pot!

    • Rogbey
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      Villain steals from button 52%, fld to 3b 50%, fld to CB in 3b pot is 48% and bet IP v missed turn CB is 92%. So with these stats I presume shoving the turn is +ev or is this too high variance?

      Grabbed by Holdem Manager
      NL Holdem $0.20(BB) Replayer
      Hero ($26.97)
      BB ($43.22)
      CO ($6.29)
      BTN ($20.60)

      Dealt to Hero A:diamond: K:diamond:

      fold, BTN raises to $0.60, Hero raises to $2, fold, BTN calls $1.40

      FLOP ($4.20) 5:club: 9:spade: 3:spade:

      Hero bets $2.20, BTN calls $2.20

      TURN ($8.60) 5:club: 9:spade: 3:spade: 7:spade:

      Hero checks, BTN bets $4, Hero folds

      BTN wins $8.17
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    • maheepsangari
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      I don't understand why shove the turn?

      On the turn I think you can bet/fold and the bet doesn't have to be too big since it would scare off many hands anyway. With a bet on the flop you represent a flush or a very high flush draw or an overpair. With a check you show you are giving up. If you have done this many times, C-Bet flop and give up turn then he might even be exploiting you a little (the bet IP v missed CB stat could prove the same but you need a big enough sample size for that).

      When you bet turn he will only continue if he has a flush or a flush draw and give up the rest, if he calls turn you can give up on the river.
    • veriz
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      Hello Rogbey,

      Shoving wouldn't make sense, cause you would never have done it with strong made hand, just representing a bluff or semi-bluff like A:sX. If to do anything at all then it should be 2nd barrel and fold to a raise or give it up on the river dependent how we see the opponent.

      If you just CB the flop and Check/Fold the turn then rather just Check/Fold the flop right away.

      Best Regards.
    • Rogbey
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      Ok thanks Veriz. I think I might be cbetting a bit much in 3b pots will have to look at ideal flops to bet and not to bet.