I'm rubbish and I know it. Ello :)

    • Sniparx
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      Hello everybody,

      I'm new to Poker Strategy, but not so new to the poker gaming world.

      I like this place quite a lot, have learned quite a fair bit, as I knew some of what I learned it was really great to have it analysed and put into perspective while gaming.

      This has helped quite a bit, and the Big Stack Strategy is brilliant although from time to time, you need to apply more pressure and force to out-play with big hands to maximise the profits.

      I just wanted to say Hi, and good luck with all the players :) :spade: :heart: :diamond: :club:

      Kind Regards

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    • Resilence
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      And hello to you Sniparx.

      Welcome to the forum, and yea the articles are awesome.

    • DrDunne
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      hi sniparx and welcome to the forums :D
    • pswyatt
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      Hey Sniparx,

      Great to have you with us and welcome to our community! :)

      Are you going to take the quiz for the $50 starting capital? Where have you played previously?

      Best of luck!
    • ArkhamAsylum
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      wwuurrrrrrdddddddd hommie
    • ThatGuyMatt
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      Hey Sniparx,

      Welcome to PokerStrategy! I'm glad to see you're enjoying it here :)

      You said that the BSS was of interest to you, so you may be glad to know we have a NL Beginners Course which specialises in the BSS!

      The only problem is that most of the Material used within the course is for Bronze+ Members and your only Basic, but getting to Bronze is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

      1) Claim our Free $50 Starting Capital
      2) Sign up to one of our Poker Rooms
      3) Buy a status from our Shop

      If you wish to know about the Course in greater detail or anything else then give us a shout !
    • Sniparx
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      Thanks guys, appreciate it.

      Just hit my Bronze Status :) Got a 10$ Bonus, still awaiting the 40$ from the Quiz completion to be put into my Poker 770 Game.

      Anyone know how long all the instalment are credited into the account?

      I been playing on 888poker, but with not thinking or knowing anything about bank-roll management, I usually go up 40-50$ in several hours of gaming, and then losing everything with stupid hands and going against odds that I never learned about either.

      I think that now I know a little more about Bank-roll management - Pre-Flop Odds/Starting Pre-flop Hands.

      I can continue playing aggressive and tight around the margins, this will keep me from losing my gains and gaining further.
    • RasTweet
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      Hi Sniparx

      First I want to welcome you to the community! It's always nice to welcome new members!

      Then about your first question. The free $50 will be payed in increments of $10. You just received your first increment of $10. In order to receive the second increment of $10 you need to accumulate $0,5 in rake or tournament fees within 7 days of receiving the first $10. So lets say you received the money today (saturday 21 April) you have to accumulate $0,5 in rake or tournament fees before saturday 28 april. On the 28th of April you will receive your second increment of $10. From the 28th of April you have again 7 days to accumulate $0,5 in rake or tournament fees.
      Please note that if you accumulate $2 in rake or tournament fees in the first week, you won't get $40 the week after! You will just get $10 and you have to rake $0,5 again the next week to receive the next $10.
      I hope this was a bit clear for you?
      Here is a link with tips for free $50 users on 770.

      I play on 888poker as well! Maybe I see you on the tables one day if you play low enough stakes :f_biggrin:

      Good luck on the tables!

    • Sniparx
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      What does 0,5$% Rake means... Not understanding that part...

      I've already have total of 204 games played.

      77 processed hands through SideKick - as I axidentally closed it earlier, the rake on there says 0,35$ atm...
    • Sniparx
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      Rake's at 0,46% now. :)