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      Quite new here so would be grateful if someone could help me. I saw at the room description that for every 1$ deposit I get 1 strategy points. Does that mean that lets say I deposit 2000$ to WH, my balance here is gonna be credited with 2000 startegy points which I can use to upgrade my status to Gold and will be able to watch vids ( goldstatus)? Do I need to play a certain amount of hands/do I have to rake a minimum in order to get the points or depositing is enough? Thank you indeed!
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      I thought it was for every $ deposited you get a strategy point up to $200 deposit. Or something like that?
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      Hi guys,

      As seen on the top right of this page the maximum bonus StrategyPoints for first deposits is 300.

      So if you deposit $300 you will earn 300StrategyPoints. You will likewise earn 300 StrategyPoints for any deposit higher than $300.

      Please Note: That this promotion is only valid for first deposits only.

      Kind regards,