$ev in sngs

    • qnb07
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      warning, longwinded post coming up....

      so basically i switched games at the start of the month and for some reason the ev for those sngs doesnt work in hem at the moment.
      i´ve been winning a bit all month, probably a bit over ev, but i kinda like not being able to see the ev.

      does any one else not look at the ev AT ALL.
      maybe if you´re losing its nice to see that you are running below ev but really its just a crutch. if you´re losing you probably have some sort of leak.

      do you think theres any disadvantage in not looking at ev?
      sure i may be on a bit of a heater, but if i knew that i was, it wouldnt help my game, if anything it would make me less confident in my game and question everything i do.

      i guess once i get 2k games or before i move up should check just to make sure im not a total luckbox but before that i guess theres no real reason. what sample would you say you need before ev is anywhere near accurate? 2k?5k?10k? they are hyper-turbo by the way.
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    • pzhon
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      The luck-adjusted line converges more rapidly to your long-term average than your results alone. The adjustment is not perfect. It overlooks some of the luck. However, it is quite effective for hyper turbo players. It might reduce the variance to 30%, meaning that the luck-adjusted results after 300 tournaments might be as reliable as the unadjusted results after 1000 tournaments.

      If you find it confusing, feel free to ignore it. But if you get information from your results, then you should be able to get more information from your results with some of the luck taken out.
    • qnb07
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      well thats disappointing.
      i managed to fix hem and im 30 BIs over ev in 1200 games this month...
      guess i was just on a heater :(