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      I have installed Sit-N-Go Wizard separately. Earlier I used to right click on
      HEM1->Data View ->HH->Analyse with Sng Wizard to check my shove/calls.
      Now as this does'nt work with the separately installed Sng- Wizard, how do I analyse the hands??
      I play Double or nothing tournaments. Can u give me step by step instructions please??

      Also is SNG-Wizard available on a discounted rate if bought through Poker Strategy.??
      Also if I buy Holdem Manager, will I get Sng Wizard life time license along with it??

      Thanks in advance. :)
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      Hmm.. Looks like no one knows the answer. :(
      I have 1 more question.
      I'm using HEM1, but the sng-wizard in HEM1's trial is expired.
      I guess I have 2 buy a license. I've heard I get 2 license keys.
      My question is,
      I'll use 1 key as soon as I buy it. Lets say I need to format my PC ( I do this atleast 3 times/year), will I be able 2 use the same key I used before or should I use the second key??
      If I format my comp atleast 3 times/year, Do I have 2 buy a license every 3rd time I format? So I have 2 spend 100$ atleast every year to use sng-wizard?
      Hope u understand. :)
    • netsrak
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      For the SnGWizard standalone you need to import the hands from the HM archive folder:

      The integrated HM SnGWizard is an additional app which requires a separate license but i think you can convert your standalone Wizard license. Please contact

      You can always use the key again on a new PC, a reset might be necessary but thats no problem.