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How to play these hands ?

    • MariusGi
      Joined: 10.03.2012 Posts: 2
      Hello i've started playing poker in poker770 2 weeks ago. Now playing only sit n go 10 handed tournaments with a price 0.20$. I have got a couple of situations where I am not sure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.

      1) 1 limper in MP , folds until me, i have 44 in CO, what to do? (Lets discuss different amount of stacks lets say what if both have 75bb,20bb and 10bb)

      2) 3x raise from CO , everyone folds im on BB with A :heart: 10 :heart: what to do? (CO has 40bb, I have 20bb stack)

      3) 1 limper in UTG, i have J :heart: 9 :heart: in MP. (both have 20-50bb)

      4) When its worth and when its not worth going all in with Flush draw+ OESD ?

      5) 10 handed table,I have A :spade: K :club: on the button. We have two limpers and CO raises to 5.5x what to do?( all have 75bb stacks)

      6) I'm UTG with A :spade: A :diamond: (all have 75bb). I raise 4x and we have 3 more callers from CO BU and SB. flop is 6 :heart: 8 :heart: 9 :club: . SB min bets, i raise it 4x, CO folds, BU calls,SB calls. Turn is J :heart: everyone checks. River is 3 :club: . SB min bets,i call,BU calls. SB shows 4 :heart: 8 :heart: . What did i do wrong here?

      7) limp pot, 4 limpers (all have 75bbs) I am BU with 5 :spade: 8 :spade: . Flop its 2 :spade: 4 :spade: 5 :club: Two players check , CO min bets, i raise 4x, two players fold, CO calls. Turn is 3 :diamond: . CO min bets, I call. River is J :heart: . CO checks, i go all in,CO calls and shows A5. What i did wrong here?

      i played these hands in live mtt tournament.

      8) Hero(UTG+1) : 37000
      MP : 30000

      SB posts SB 200, BB BB 400

      Pre Flop: (600) Hero has 10 :spade: 10 :heart:
      Hero raises to 1600, folds, MP reraises 3200, all folds, Hero fold.

      9) Hero(BU) : 35000
      SB : 25000
      BB : 40000

      SB posts SB 200, BB BB 400

      Pre Flop: (600) Hero has J :heart: J :diamond:
      folds until BU, Hero raises to 1200, MP calls 1200, BB calls 1200.

      Flop: (4200, 3 players) 8 :spade: 8 :heart: 9 :diamond: SB checks, BB bets 4000, Hero folds, SB folds.
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    • RasTweet
      Joined: 26.12.2009 Posts: 4,553
      Hi MariusGi

      I moved your thread to the SnG forum. I play cashgames so I can't really help you with your hands :( sorry! But I'm sure people in here can help you!

    • TiciBoy
      Joined: 13.01.2010 Posts: 1,235
      I play cash, so this may be wrong. But it's how I'd play it. :)

      1) 75bb - call, 20bb - fold, 10bb - push AI

      2) Depends on the opponent and no. of players remaining... loose player - push, very tight player - fold, bubble - fold more often.

      3) What is your position? Mostly fold. Maybe raise if opponnet like to limp-fold.

      4) You have lost of equity with that type of draw. I'd mostly push. Unless there is lots of action in front of me and we're on the bubble.

      5) With 75bb - call, evaluate on flop. Short stack - push.

      6) If you 4x his min-bet, then here is your mistake. Raise bigger to protect. You can call min-bet on river, that's OK. Against bigger bets - fold.

      7) Don't play crap! 85s is crap.
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, MariusGi!

      Very solid first post and welcome to our community! Hope u develop youself as a solid player and move up the stakes quickly.

      Now down to the questions:

      Please keep in mind that the game flow matters, how many players are left matters, reads on opponents matter - we adjust our strategy to different type of opponent etc. So I will leave a relatively big "IF" when I share my opinion with you. I will analyze the situations if we assume that all or almost all of the players still remain.

      First hand- low pockets you wanna play for set value early in the tournament(75bb deep), so we either call behind when there are limpers or limp yourselves when we are in EP. If folded to us though, I will open raise 44 in the CO. We can also call on a raise-again for set value- if we have 20 times x raise size in our stack. Say someone raises to t60 and we have 1500 chips-therefore we have 25 times the original raise, so we can play profitably play fit or fold on the flop. The more the players in the pot, the better for us, as implied odds increase and we get better chances to get paid off once we hit.

      With 20bb or less we shouldn't be playing for set value anymore. We also shouldn't be flatting any raises pre. What we do is either raise or push on a raise. With 44 for 20bb you can iso raise or you can also fold. Depends on the player you are up against(mp1), blinds-whether they are likley to call ur raise(not what we want) etc.

      With 10bb- I will usually iso push. Fold is also an option if blinds and mp1 are spewy loose fishes that will call a lot on your pushes.

      2) Again, depends on the situation a lot!, usually 3bet shoving as a re-steal. Once again- we don't flat with 20bb or less.

      3) Folding.

      4) With FD+ OESD we have a monster draw. We want to get the money in and we want do it as quickly as possible as every street that misses us will reduce our equity by a lot.

      5) Usually call and play IP. It's ok this deep even to his big raise. If he is super spewy and limpers are not likely to trap, 3bet/calling is also an option, but in most cases I strongly prefer to call with the ultimate position.

      6) Raise bigger on the flop. I assume flop is 320 and he min bets 20. Make it pot size or so 300-340. Rest is fine.

      7) Fix hand history please. You can have 2 x 5 of spades :P Also, I recommend you to fold 85s preflop. Call 87s.

      Anyway, I will strongly recommend you to read all of our articles and watch all of our vids available for your status. This will be a huge help!
      The higher status you get, the more access you will have to different educational materials.

      I will give you some links:

      Videos available for your status: I filtered them for FR SnG, so just click and enjoy :) Click

      Articles link: Click

      Also, last but not least- post hands in our hand evaluation forums! Use a program like holdem manager to track your hand histories, so you can post them for our hand judges to help. Believe me, this is very helpful! If you don't want to buy HEM, they also offer a free trial period. There is the link for our one of our hand evaluation forum: Click

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    • MariusGi
      Joined: 10.03.2012 Posts: 2
      thanx for awnser kurrkabin
      check the edit post
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi again and sorry for the little delay.

      I fold 85s pre-as I said before, as played, I probably call flop, as played- I call turn and check behind river. He ain't calling missed draws and he's for sure not calling worse once you overbet the pot. He either has you beat when he calls or he will fold his mid pair/draws once you make it so big. So we don't get value from anything and turn our hand into a bluff- which is not good considering we have SD value.