So i just got home from a little house game $10 buy in winner takes all 10 players.
It was my first one where i live here playing many where i used to live.
within the first five hands i allready knew who i would e playing heads up with due to the other players saying things like why would you raise before the flop, you havent even seen it yet but one player knew kinda what he was doing. watched alot of telly poker he told me later but this is the only game he playes in.
So after about 3 hours we get heads up and ive got him on chips by about 5bb and worked out his reads id successfully piked 8 of his last ten hands.
after a few lazy hands i get 5c 5d and raise out on him abotut 20 bb (blinds so slow it was about 1/7 of my stack, i knew he would call.
flop comes 4c 7d 8h i check to see what he has and he raises me like 3 bb i knew i had him there he either hit the 4 or had king queen he had no ace cause he allways played them really fast. the turn card comes ace diamonds. right ive got him i say to my self ill go all in represent the ace and if he calls ill get him.
He calls we decide to work out after the hand if i have to pay him or i win, hes looking real smug now. turns over his cards 4 h 9d i show him mine, he is now not so smug. he congatulates me but i say not yet one more card, i burn one then turn it and its the damn 4 of diamonds. everyone is clapping him on his great play and i can just think to myself did i do anything wrong i read him picked his cards played aggressive and got busted, now with 5 bb left i get ak all in calls me with duece 9 and hits a nine. i lose but hey atleast it was only $10.
i keep replying this and still cant fault myself but hey thats poker. ive been invited as a regular and i think i can win this game regulary for a few months till they get pissed and try to learn to play or dont invite me.
all i can say is damn that 4