Twice I have had major problems trying to use 888 poker rooms and both times it was after installing and using the poker tools I downloaded here.

I dl'd ICM Manager and then 888 stopped working, the tournament room wouldn't show any tables.

So I fiddled about and then decided to uninstall ICM and presto 888 works again.

Then today I dl'd the Equilab - same thing happened, this time I was in the last 25 of a tournament and get a disconnect, then it won't work.

Uninstall 888, reinstall, nothing works - now getting blinded out.

Decide it must be the Equilab. Uninstall that, reinstall 888 and what do you know, 888 works again.

By the time I manage to sign back in I'm finished in 14th, infuriating, cos I had a huge chip stack and would have final tabled.

Anyone else had this really annoying problem?