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      hello , im playing in pokerstars and i had this layout from this site

      it was working very good for 7 month , but yesterday after pokerstars update this layout dont work anymore for me , everything is ok , but the background and color of tables change , i tryied to install new soft , and copy-paste it , and tryied to reinstall layout but always the same , buttons etc are good but background and table are standard from P*

      from the left it is old one , my old screen , from the right is scren made 2 days ago

      can somone help me fix it???

      Uploaded with

      if noone can help me , maybe somone will help me to upgrade a bit standard pokerstars layout , maybe it not as good as mine but its not so bad , but in multitabling the colors of my notes must be Bigger this color line about the players

      Uploaded with

      can somone teach me how to make this line bigger like 3x times ,??? or make yourself it and send me???

      now its very thin , and i have to look very hard to notice fishes
      sory about my english , i tried in my comunity but noone help
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