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[NL2-NL10] NL2$ KQs - top two pairs, 4flush 4straight board

    • Kuban88
      Joined: 14.05.2007 Posts: 135
      PokerStars Zoom No-Limit Hold'em, $0.02 BB (9 handed) - PokerStars Converter Tool from

      saw flop

      Button ($1.37)
      SB ($4.59)
      BB ($1.14)
      UTG ($1.55)
      UTG+1 ($1.19)
      Hero (MP1) ($3.90)
      MP2 ($4.19)
      MP3 ($0.75)
      CO ($2.06)

      Preflop: Hero is MP1 with Q, K
      [color:#666666]2 folds[/color], [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $0.06[/color], MP2 calls $0.06, [color:#666666]5 folds[/color]

      Flop: ($0.15) K, Q, 9 [color:#009B00](2 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $0.08[/color], MP2 calls $0.08

      Turn: ($0.31) 4 [color:#009B00](2 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $0.22[/color], MP2 calls $0.22

      River: ($0.75) 10 [color:#009B00](2 players)[/color]
      [color:#CC3333]Hero bets $0.26[/color], MP2 calls $0.26

      Total pot: $1.27 | Rake: $0.04

      I think i should bet slightly more on flop/turn
      I'm wondering whats the better aproach @ the river vs random opponent
      // I went with a block bet, cuz i'm not sure if villian would bluff enough to justify my call
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    • londonsystem
      Joined: 19.11.2008 Posts: 747
      I see MP2 has 2BI+ and position to me, so I would respect him a little more than any random fish.

      PF : 3bb is enough for zoom NL2.
      Flop : I'm oop and made a decent hand, but tricky one. On zoom, I would c/r. Check and if MP2 bet 2/3 or 1/2, raise to the pot size, if reraised, fold. If called, check turn, fold to the second barrel.
      Turn : nothing has been changed by 4 of club. Value bet 1/2 or c/c is both good.
      River : One more straight and/or flush card. c/f.

      The point of my approach is to raise on flop and see where I'm. On zoom, many opponents would stab on this board but give up when raised pretty quick. By betting the typical 1/2 pot on flop and getting called, I have no idea if I'm ahead or not.
    • veriz
      Joined: 20.07.2008 Posts: 65,504
      Hello Kuban88,

      Flop: Bet the flop bigger. You are giving way too good odds.
      Turn: Bet the turn bigger for protection.
      River: No point to Bet in first place, I'd just Check/Fold here cause I doubt that he will be bluffing there. What do you think he is bluffing with while almost every draw got there?

      Best Regards.