[NL2-NL10] Re raising NL10

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    • aciddrop
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      I would say that with more than half your stack in and the pot being more than twice what you have left, you will be committed to any flop. So, pushing should be correct.
    • dallievas
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      imho if you have 2 ,raise is 0.4 you should reraise normally 3x,so 1.2.All in if someone call raise or raise was more.You can save 0.8 if you don`t hit flop.
      If opp decides to call your raise,he`ll call no matter what :)
    • Berliner1982
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      Theoretically you can do both. But beware of the fact, that no matter what you decide is best for you, that you do that with every you would reraise. Do not just make a normal re-raise with QQ-AA and push with AK, TT-JJ, because you will continue to play the same on higher limits, which makes you exploitable, cause your opponents will know that when you push your hand is more likely TT-JJ and AK, but less likely QQ-AA, because you make a normal re-raise with these hands.

      So either make a re-raise with all re-raising hands or go all-in with all of them.