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Quintessential Human Delusion.

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    • Praff
      Joined: 18.01.2009 Posts: 12

      So I finally feel that I've managed to get my head around Matthew Hilger and Ian Taylor's 'The Poker Mindset'. By that I mean that upon a third reading things are starting to look clearer, from a psychological perspective. A notable theoretical step forward in (what could be) my future poker career. I use the term theoretical because I'm not actually playing(sept for micro-stakes but I don't count those as real poker).

      Anyway my approach to the game has indeed changed for the better, theoretically that is. Wonder if I will be able to successfully apply this new mindset when the time comes.

      I have a very strong feeling that people will show very little interest in this blog as it is not backed by any sort of financial poker results(ergo not interesting at all for most poker blog readers I would imagine). Yet. My confidence is rising with every new concept I manage to understand and incorporate in my decision making, or try to at the very least.

      It is for the above reason that I am addressing most of this stuff to myself. I am hoping that it will also help with keeping my motivation fresh in regards to studying Poker and improving my game. Still have major leaks.

      Note to self: all quiet on the western front. And the eastern front... and the southern front... the quiet before the storm maybe? Hopefully?! Realistically no, not really. Not at all. No storms on the horizon. *sound of a lonely cricket cricketing his cricketness*.
      Also keep entries shorter and more to the point. Also time to hit the gym. Also stop forgetting to take the medicine.

    • Praff
      Joined: 18.01.2009 Posts: 12
      Okay. Time to do some reading on the more technical side of the game. Decided to re-read Sklansky's 'No Limit Hold'em Theory and Practice'. It's getting really frustrating to read all this stuff and not have anywhere to apply it...

      If anyone is stumbling across this post by accident and knows their poker literature, I would like some recommendations: good poker books, etc.


    • FlashDavin
      Joined: 25.10.2011 Posts: 421
      What micro limits are you playing now? Concepts can certainly be applied there as well sir! =)

      Good to see somebody taking the time to understand the concepts before diving right in.