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      Hi! I stumbled upon this great thread and want to know more about these supplements.
      - are you using them?
      - is the effect visible for you?
      - if you stop using them, is it much harder to maintain concentration than before using them?
      - are there other downsides one should be aware of?

      Originally posted by Schnitzelfisch

      And, if anyone is interested, here are some supplements that are generally very useful:

      -omega 3 fats (1800 DHA+EPA per day, which is usually 6 capsules - 3 capsules in the morning and 3 in the evening, with a meal).
      -multivitamin pills (1 a day should do the trick for non sportsmans)
      -ZMA (450mg zinc + 30mg magnesium + 10,5mg vitamin B6 = 3 capsules before sleep, on an empty stomach, greatly improve your sleep quality)
      -L-tyrosine (a nootropic, I created another thread regarding these in general discussion; taking 1500mg (3 capsules) of this about 30 minutes before the session (if possible on an empty stomach, eat 30 minutes after taking it) should improve your concentration and decrease stress during the session)
      -Gingko biloba (no personal experience with it, but it is said to be a good nootropic as well)
      -maca powder (
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      Hey there,

      I'm glad you've found that thread useful ;) .

      Let me first point out that using nutritional supplements without a healthy nutrition plan is equal to c-betting a flop with 5 opponents and a trash hand, or in other words burning money. There are many people (especially older people) who think that if they eat junk food all the time but then consume some vitamins, they should be healthy. This is of course not true, since supplements should be used as an addition to healthy nutrition, not as a replacement for healthy foods.

      From the supplements listed in your quote, I've been using the omega 3 fats, multivitamin pills, ZMA and L-tyrosine.

      Omega 3 fats have a visible effect - you might yourself in a slightly better mood throughout the day since they're known for their anti-depressive effects. You might also notice less joint injuries/pain while consuming them. Other than that, you won't actually feel any other effects, but your blood screen should be better as the omega 3 fats are known to lower the LDL (bad cholesterol). They shouldn't really effect your concentration, and they don't really have any downsides, apart from disgusting fish oil burps which might happen from time to time.

      Multivitamin pills don't have any effects that you will actually feel. They are mainly used for preventive purposes. What you will notice if you are on a healthy nutrition plan and use multivitamin pills is that you will practically never get a cold. I myself haven't had one in over a year and a half and the people who I've discussed these pills with tend to have similar results.

      Perhaps there is one more thing you might notice: if you go out and have a couple too many drinks, then consume a lot of water and a couple of vitamin pills before you go to bed, you will have less of a hangover in the morning. Again, these do not have an effect on your concentration and they don't have any downsides.

      ZMA will affect your sleep quality and definitely has a visible effect. You will wake up less tired, fall to sleep easier and wake up less during the night. Since they have Zinc included, they will also improve your immune system. They will not affect your concentration.

      L-tyrosine is the only supplement I've used in order to increase focus and concentration. Basically, it decreases your stress levels and makes you more aware for a couple of hours. It's useful if you only use it for special occasions, for example for writing exams at school, studying for a hard exam, an important tournament... Professional sportsmen often use this non-essential amino-acid during competitions/matches.

      It's effect only lasts for a couple of hours, and after it wears off, you will feel normal. The effect is noticeable for me, but it's not as strong as for example smoking weed. I'm not sure if it's worth using this every day, I would use it only for special occasions, so that you do not get too adapted to it. After you stop consuming it, well, you'll feel normal. It doesn't have an effect similar to the withdrawal of caffeine. It can potentially increase your heart-rate and make you anxious if you consume too much of it, but this only happens if you consume like 15 or 20 capsules, when you should only consume about 3.

      I haven't had the need or opportunity to try out Gingko biloba or Maca powder, so I can't give you an opinion on that. I've read research about Gingko biloba being beneficial for concentration and I do know a couple of professional sportsmen who use it for a similar purpose as L-tyrosine, but whether it actually works or not is very debatable.

      Best regards,

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      omg thanks a lot!:D
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      The only thing that I would suggest that everyone looks into supplementing is vitamin D as the results of the studies just look too good not to supplement, especially if you're living in Northern Europe.