Bankroll & avg. ROI 9man Turbo

    • jurish123
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      Hello everyone,

      For the past 2 months i was playing 180man and i want to switch to 9man Turbo and wanted to ask if 100Bi for 1.50$,3.50$ and 7$ is ok ? And what's the avg. Roi in 1.50$ 3.50$ and 7$ ?
      is it possible to get more than 5% ROI in 10k games ?

      thank you
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    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, jurish123!

      Long story short: Since you play on stars and blind structure there is very balanced, I think that 100BI is more than enough. However, all that depends on your ROI, the higher ROI you have, the lower the variance will be, hence you need less BIs. I am not sure I like the idea of mixing 3 limits though! IMO stick to 1,5$s and 3$s until you reach a reasonable sample/feeling whether and by how you beat the games. Once you know you are a solid winner on the micros, make the next step and move to the 7$s.

      To your other question- for sure it's possible to have 5%+ ROI on these limits over a good sample-10k games. I think your goal for the micros + 7$s should be about 10% ROI.