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[NL2-NL10] Hand posting guide

    • TribunCaesar
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      When you are posting a sample hand please tell us if it´s a FR or SH game.

      Number of hands per thread

      Please post only one or two hands per thread. If you post more hands in one thread make sure that these hands deal with the same problem!

      Because if there are threads with multiple hands many players just want to comment on one hand and are unsure of the correct play in the 3, 4 or 5 other hands which are in that particular thread. Furthermore handjudges will answer a single hand more detailed. Threads with less hands will improve the quality of the hand discussions. If the quality of our hand discussions improves also the quality of everyone's game improves – which is our goal!

      Form, content and maintenance of a thread

      1. Choose a descriptive title
      For individual posts you should include the limit (the limit should also include if its 10max/fullring(FR) or 6max/shorthanded(SH))and a short as possible summary of the situation. Good examples are "1$/2$ FR: Second Pair on Flop” or “0.50/1 SH: turn bet or check behind?" Titles like "played correctly?" are not helpful.

      2. Post all available informations
      If you have additional information, like stats, history or reads, post them! The proper play depends on this information. If this information is missing it will hinder a sensible discussion of the hand.
      The higher the limit and level of the hand, the more information you need. For a 5c / 10c it's fine just to post the action in the hand. In the 5/10$ range you'll want to post PokerTracker data too. In higher limits a really good thread will have additional reads, weaknesses in opposing bet sequences, and a good description of the dynamic of the game.

      Do not post the results, the decision you made ( if you ask for the best decsision in a certain spot) or just bad beats.

      3. Maintain the threads you started and ask questions
      When other users reply to your thread, they are taking the time to read your hand, think about it, and share their opinions. This time is wasted unless you take part in the discussion that follows by replying to questions and asking for clarification if you are unclear about something. It's even better if you post your own analysis of your hand. If you want further informations from the hand judge do not hesitate to ask! Even if the hand is marked as evaluated you can ask questions. You and others will learn the most if there is an active discussion.

      4. Don't add hands to old threads
      Think you have other hands interesting enough for others to read, open a new thread. This helps the concision and readability of the forums and the individual topics.

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