Couple of questions (SSS nl50)

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      Hi everyone, I haven't made a lot of appearance on forum although I'm quite active for the last month playing nl20 SSS. Have been running very well, with few downswings and cold cards but I manage to build my bankroll to 400$ in exactly a month. So moved up to nl50 today and decided to tighten up my game a bit (I had aprox. 8.5 VPIP on nl20).

      So I got caught in a problem I can't figure out by myself because my knowledge and experience is limited.

      I'm troubled by this two situations.


      Hero in MP (10$)
      Villain in CO (10$)

      Hero bets 2$, Villain raises 3.5$, Hero ???

      Now from my experience this would mean pocket aces, but once ran into a guy who did it with 88, I ofc went ALL-IN because I was holding the aces.

      I am not in doubt if I'm holding AA or KK, but I'm in dilemma with 99-QQ and AQ


      Villain in UTG (10$)
      Hero in MP (10$)

      Villain raises 1$, Hero ???

      Again, either Villain is holding Aces or Kings and is making a bad play hoping someone would raise or he doesn't want to fold 10Js+ or a small pair.

      And again I'm not in doubt if I'm holding AA or KK, but should I reraise with 99-TT and AQ (although SSS says fold) and how much to raise with JJ-QQ.

      I know that I just made like a dosen of questions but I'm really unsecure about this plays so I'm hoping for some answers.


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    • helemaalnicks
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      im not an experienced sss player, however, ill give my opinion:

      Q1: I think you can consider the minireraise an all in push, so just push with hands you'd call an all in reraise with. Make a note every time however, if he does this with aces, that means you can cut aces from his range if he resteals you all in later for example.

      Q2: I dont respect miniraises as much as you do, I consider them something in between a call and a raise. Beware Imo, reraise to ~3$, or more with limpers or when you're OOP, and be sure not to reraise to lightly, I'd prefer just reraising with hands you're willing to call a push with.
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      1) stick to the standard strategy against unknown. so have a look at the raise/stack ratio and your hand and decide accordingly. take a note afterwards so you will have a read next time.
      i wouldn´t expect a monster too early. without any reads i would ship in AK and JJ+ wiothout thinking about it

      2) again notes will be pretty helpful. i´ve seen people doing this with all kinds of stupid holdings. many very good german sss players just treat a minraise as a limper and raise accordingly...

      in general you shouldn´t give your opponents too much credit without any reads. the only thing that really scares me is a limp/minreraise from utg ^^. but even then they often have something like 88 :P