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What the hell is going on?

    • NinjaG4
      Joined: 05.03.2011 Posts: 30
      Here is the most bizzare and suspicious hand at a 3.50usd 6handed sng today at pokerstars
      Hero dealt A :spade: K :spade:
      villain raises to 140 from utg+1
      hero calls(sitting next to villain) all others fold
      flop is 8 :diamond: k :heart: 6 :spade:
      villain bets 280 hero raises to 560,villain reraises ai hero calls
      villain shows 7 :diamond: 2 :diamond:
      hero wonders is this guy kidding me?I mean what does he expect to hit????
      turn is 10 :diamond: river K :diamond:
      So he hits a flush.Is he a bot?he uses some sort of software that predicts the cards and or works for pokerstars,or all of the above?What is he doing playing 3.5usd sng then?I am frustrated
      Haha wait he just did it again with 10 2 off on a 610J flop ai vs QJ and hit miracle 10 on river.
      Finally finished first with 2 more river suckouts in a row heads up!!!!!
      I would like your opinion on how can someone play like that and win.It's just not logical...

      PS sorry I didn't post the hand through HEM2,but I get an error everytime I try to open it.
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    • aceonetheriver
      Joined: 26.12.2008 Posts: 647
      omg online poker is rigged
    • kurrkabin
      Joined: 12.10.2010 Posts: 5,976
      Hi, NinjaG4!

      No, it's not logical and when you see this, don't go too far trying to understand what's in fishes head. Maybe he was frustrated for some reason, maybe drunk/on drugs, maybe he had a tough day-his girlfriend dumbed him or his boss at work fired him or whatever. Maybe he wants to celebrate and don't care about money. A lot of people are playing poker for recreation, especially on these limits. People have fun in different ways. Do your thing and make sure you play correctly.
    • RobertDaPro
      Joined: 24.06.2011 Posts: 410
      Prob just testing out program he made before moving higher stakes :)
    • Moudilho
      Joined: 26.04.2012 Posts: 8
      Stars are notorious for this kind of suckouts (or so it seems judging by their chat).
      And bots (or maybe code writers' friends?) are everywhere these days unless I really need a shrink.
      Come to think of it, online poker is a business but an honest business takes too long to grow.
      Perhaps webcam-based online rooms are the way forward. I'm thinking of joining 888 to try those.
    • NinjaG4
      Joined: 05.03.2011 Posts: 30
      Moudilho,I play at 888 cam tables already.I recommend it,but be warned,many bad beats/suckouts there too(especially with AA is like impossible to win).In general I win there though,the amount of fish is unbelievable.Basic tip,don't bluff much,especially at low stakes and value bet when you have it.Most people call everything :) GL
    • metza
      Joined: 28.01.2012 Posts: 2,220
      Some people think they're awesome bluffing people out with 72 and then showing the cards after, I'm pretty sure that's what he was planning to do.
    • Moudilho
      Joined: 26.04.2012 Posts: 8
      Tyvm, NinjaG4, appreciate it. I guess I'll be there, tomorrow if not tonight.
    • 107e5
      Joined: 04.04.2012 Posts: 61
      Even if he is a bot (which I doubt it) just continue playing correctly and you will be profitable on the long term against other players. Most probably though he is just the average recreational guy that things that he can play like Daniel Negreanu.

      The good thing is that what he was doing worked for him, obviously he was on a great run and everything was working for him. Dont forget though that in the long term this kind of play will be the one that will make YOU more profitable.

      Just continue playing your game and variance will be on your side ;)