Evaluating myself. Need help with these statistics

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      I am currently trying to evaluate myself and see if I have any leaks in my game. Under reports in holdem manager I get the following results for position play and I am worried if the results prove a leak.

      Basically this report shows you the net amount won/lost from every position and your performance of bb/100. The results are only for my Sng tournaments and doesnt not include blind levels.

      On an average of 4000 hands from every position, I am profitable in all of them except on the BB where I am minus 254,000 chips or -18.31 bb/100.

      I have no idea how to interpet this and I would like to get an opinion from others that are more experienced than me on evaluating. Is this just something normal because of late play? Are the figures good, average, or bad?


      SB, 4263, 116023, -2.5 BB/100

      BB, 4470, -254 000, -18,31BB/100

      EP 4652, 125291, 39.10 BB/100

      MP, 4155, 146301, 31,36 BB/100

      CO, 3089, 228246, 27,80 BB/100

      BTN, 3683, 223675. 26,55 BB/100
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      It is normal to lose from both of the blinds, and you can expect to lose more from the big blind. So, you are gaining chips, which simply means your first place finishes should look good.

      Of course, in SNGs, it is very important to make it into the money, and into the top 2, not just to win. You need to look at other statistics to see whether you have leaks or missed opportunities which cost you equity while you are gaining chips.

      In general, you should try to separate your statistics more. Use filters such as by the number of players left and/or your stack size. It's not good to group together the times you are in the small blind heads-up and when you are in the small blind at the start of the tournament.