[NL2-NL10] NL15 FR Pocket Queens

    • RezPL
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      NL15 FR

      Seat 1: dziewciu ($15.35 in chips)
      Seat 2: ColtSievers1 ($11.70 in chips)
      Seat 3: HERO ($15.15 in chips)
      Seat 4: Thorek_ ($20.30 in chips)
      Seat 5: icedx ($25.80 in chips)
      Seat 6: tzvetival ($12.40 in chips)
      Seat 7: ilovetft ($2.60 in chips)
      Seat 8: lucktoome ($3.40 in chips)
      Seat 9: tzimouka84 ($6 in chips)
      Seat 10: haq_pl ($4.70 in chips)

      Thorek_ posts blind ($0.10), icedx posts blind ($0.15).

      HERO IS DEALT: [Q , Q ]

      tzvetival folds, ilovetft folds, lucktoome bets $0.50, tzimouka84 folds, haq_pl calls $0.50, dziewciu folds, ColtSievers1 calls $0.50, HERO bets $2.50, Thorek_ folds, icedx folds, lucktoome bets $2.90 and is all-in, haq_pl folds, ColtSievers1 calls $2.90, HERO calls $0.90.

      FLOP [board cards: 4 ,9 ,K ]
      ColtSievers1 checks, HERO checks.

      TURN [board cards: 4 ,9 ,K ,A ]
      ColtSievers1 bets $8.30 and is all-in, HERO folds.

      RIVER [board cards: 4 ,9 ,K ,A ,4 ]

      ColtSievers1 shows [ 7 ,7 ]
      lucktoome shows [ J ,J ]
      ColtSievers1 wins $8.30, lucktoome wins $10.45.
      Dealer: czysciciel
      Pot: $19.25, (including rake: $0.50)
      dziewciu, loses $0
      ColtSievers1, loses $3.40
      HERO, loses $3.40
      Thorek_, loses $0.10
      icedx, loses $0.15
      tzvetival, loses $0
      ilovetft, loses $0
      lucktoome, bets $3.40, collects $10.45, net $7.05
      tzimouka84, loses $0
      haq_pl, loses $0.50

      Should I play it in a different way?
      Thanks in advance for any reviews!
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    • theloniousbones
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      I might be inclined to push preflop. Villain #1's call of Villain #2's push is not a very strong play at all, and we have a good hand. A squeeze-play could work very well here, and QQ is a far stronger hand heads-up than 3-way.

      Absolutely bet the flop. You're in position with only one over card and the action checks to you as the pre-flop raiser is a must c-bet situation.

      There's too much money involved already, a c-bet could scare off villain, if he calls, your hand actually improves with the A:spade: , giving you a draw to the nuts.

      At higher limits or with better reads I might play this hand as you did, but at this limit I would likely go broke here.
    • Kaitz20
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      You can´t shove pf, since lucktoome bet was only 0,4$ more than hero re-raise.
      But I would shove flop.
      He checked to me, so I have no reason to believe thah he has me beat. I don´t want to give him free cards and he might call with worse hands (like flushdraw or smaller pp-s)
    • RezPL
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      Thanks for advice!
      And don't you think my raise pre-flop was too big? (2,5$ after a villain betting 0,5$, and another one calling).