hu hyper stars 1.5 am i running bad???

    • johny8984
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      hello all been a long time since i posted thought id try a few hu hypers

      played 82 a small number i know but can some1 look at my graphs and tell me if its just variance

      By johnyleics at 2012-04-30

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      as you can see i should be a little over 6000 chips up or am i reading this chart wrong

      also net winnings is minus $22.2 $icm $ev is showing $35.82 positive

      my luck adjusted winnings are $52.57

      also if anyone can tell me why luck adjusted winnings are different to $ev i would be grateful not %100 convinced by this holdem manager 2

      many thanks in advance and best of luck every1
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    • Wriggers
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      I'm using HEM2 for HU SnGs as well. So from experience I can say that I have no idea if you're running bad or not. HEM2 EV seems to be completely random for HU SnGs and all the tabs in my Reports tab are showing different things.

      I will make an estimation and say that if HEM2 says you're running bad, as it does with your graph, then it's more likely you are running bad than running good :D
    • kurrkabin
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      Hi, johny8984!

      HY hupers come with a big variance, you should be aware of that! 82 SnG's is not a sample. You really need much more than that. However, so far, you are running under EV, which means yes- you are running bad. Whether this is your real EV ROI or not- we don't know. Keep on playing, study hard, post hands, watch videos and soon you will get the feeling of how you do in your games.

      Also, HU games should be Chip EV, not $EV. ICM doesn't play role there. Luck Adjusted should be based on Chip EV when it's a HU game. Where do you see these 2 results? The first graph shows only luck adjusted winnings.

    • johny8984
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      i was seeing the results in the reports, tournaments by stakes tab

      ive had a bit of a re read of some things mentioned across this forum read a few blogs and my brm was way out i thought id manage it with 30 bi now switched back to regular speed to rebuild bankroll and take shot 2 with 100 bi rule

      thanks for the replys i think more than anything i just needed a bit of reasurance i wasnt sure if i might have sleept with the poker gods daughter or something for a moment tho as it didnt matter how far infront i was i was loseing

      many thanks again