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Poker770 free $50 is a JOKE

    • HabsnStanley
      Joined: 06.02.2011 Posts: 11
      So I'm offered the free $50 promo for 770. I sign up and try and make a deposit and am rejected twice using two different credit cards. I wanted to make a deposit and receive my free $50 instantly from promo through Pokerstrategy. Upon sisgning up I did not realise that the $50 would be given out slowly at $10.00,one week at a time which would be fine by me but it also restricts me to micro limits,($1.00 max on tournies). I was hoping to check out the site first before making my first deposit because the bonus offer is only for the first deposit. Thinking the promo was a perfect chance to see if I like the site before committing to a big deposit to try and take advantage of the up to $2,000 bonus offer. So I try and do that and it's nothing but problems. This is the first reply "we kindly ask you to try and register a deposit via credit card again as there should be no restrictions with regards to your possibility to perform this action on your account" NO restrictions they say so I try again to deposit and it's rejected again. The credit card is good and there's room on it,100% sure of that. So I send another email to support and wait and they reply "Please take into consideration that your deposit was rejected this time as well as you have tried to deposit a higher sum than the one accepted for your player account.
      Take into consideration that, as a new player on our site, you will be able to deposit limited amounts at once and as you go through the identity verification procedures, these restrictions will be removed. We therefore invite you to submit a deposit for an amount smaller then 200 CAD, as this should go through correctly."
      Ok so now there are restrictions. Should'nt they have said that as soon as I joined? or in the FIRST reply to me. Why is that so complicated? They have promo's to draw new customers and then do this? and give out conflicting answers. Why??? Seems rather counterproductive to me. Bonus offer of up to $2,000 is on FIRST deposit only but if you have to be verified first then that's fine with me but let us know that. I'm totally perplexed as to how they think this is good business practise. And the last thing is I tried what they suggested to make a deposit of $200 and was rejected, $100 was rejected also. This is a complete farce. Frustrating and a waste of my time. Hope this might help someone avoid the same.
  • 4 replies
      Joined: 27.09.2009 Posts: 22,031
      Hi HabsnStanley,

      Gonna be honest with you here - but I found that very hard to read. I suggest you paragraphs when writing such long posts as it makes it more user-friendly.

      Obviously, it's disappointing to read your feedback on Poker770. Have you managed to get a deposit amount sorted?

      We do have a Poker770 representative on our forum and hopefully they will read this and give you a reply and clear things up for you and our other members.

      Best regards,
    • support770
      Joined: 13.09.2011 Posts: 834
      Hello HabsnStanley

      I’m sorry to hear of your Poker770 impression. Please take into account that we do not impose deposit restriction for our players, but our payment agent might. The bank transfers and the credit card deposits are carefully analyzed as a security measure, to make sure that the funds aren’t fraudulent. This fraud prevention system was design with your security as well as ours in mind. However, as mentioned earlier as you go through the identity verification procedures, these restrictions will be removed.

      Now since you weren’t able to deposit at all, I would advise you to contact your own bank as the restriction may come from them (certain banks block deposits on gambling sites). If that’s the case, please keep in mind that on Poker770 you can find plenty of other depositing methods like MoneyBookers , ClickanBuy, Click2Pay , Neteller, Entropay just to name a few. They are all available in the ‘Cashier’ section of your Poker770 lobby.

      Finally, with regards to your desire to test our site, but without depositing and without accepting the $50 starting capital, I would suggest trying your luck to our freeroll tournaments. There are plenty of tokens to be won, tokens that will grant you access to high stakes tournaments!

      Let me know if you have any further inquiries, I’d be happy to help!


    • HabsnStanley
      Joined: 06.02.2011 Posts: 11
      Thanks for that Yoanna,thanks for your help,however that's just more conflicting statements you made. This was sent from 770 in an email "Take into consideration that, as a new player on our site, you will be able to deposit limited amounts at once and as you go through the identity verification procedures, these restrictions will be removed." That was sent to me by 770.As I mentioned conflicting statements in different emails. My bank has nothing to do with this. I've made deposit's before and they're is room on the cards. You are a rep on here to help and that's great but I can't understand why you would make the same conflicting statements after Ireading my comment. Seems like maybe you did'nt read it all,or there's a language barrier issue perhaps. I wrote nothing about playing without accepting the $50 starting capital.Why would I want to play without accepting that? That's what brought me to 770 to begin with. And thanks for offering a solution of " I would suggest trying your luck to our freeroll tournaments" I wanted to play poker at the level I want to play at,not for freerolls,penny poker,or $1.00 tournies. My fault for not reading the fine print of the offer. But then realising I could deposit and get the $50 instantly that's what I tried to do. Seems simple enough to me. Why would I want to do business with a poker room that values new customers like this,? Has not trained their support staff enough do answer the most basic and simple questions. Why tell new customers in one email " no restrictions" then the next email " there's restrictions" Thanks I've seen enough.
    • kruger32
      Joined: 14.05.2011 Posts: 242
      Dude try this...

      If you've been using the cashier software in the program to make deposits try this:
      Go to the website and try depositing from there. I had same issues before and this is supposed to work. Don't know if it works though. Give it a shot.