Donking around in 18 mans

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      I've been playing poker for over 2 years, but always lacked motivation to grind out. So I hope that this blog will help with that. At the moment i play 12-16 tables of 18 man turbo's in sets, mixing $1.50 and $3.50.


      All time graph on Stars

      45 man on Stars, I used to like them, but You have to play long sessions and load them continuously or You are just wasting a lot of time. Plus swings can be soul crushing.

      And here is my 18 man graph till today.

      April review

      I started out the month with exactly $250 in my account. Playing 12 tables and mixing $1.50 and $3.50. I'm really bummed about the time spent, since i just played for 20h through the month and almost no games in last 2 weeks of April.

      And I hope that I will start running at least a little better, as this is realy frustrating.

      For the start of this month I deposited €150 for a reload bonus on Stars, but will withdraw that after 48h wait time. I will start by playing a couple of sessions of $1.50 only, and then I will probably start mixing the stakes again.

      Goals for May
      • Silver star on Stars
      • Clear at least €40 of bonus
      • Move up to $3.50 18 mans

      Long term goals
      • Gold star on Stars
      • Move up to $7 18 mans
      • Withdraw €100 per week
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    • ufeek
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      Didn't play nearly enough this week, and was planing to play a little more today, but looks like the storm is coming and during storms my internet connection went down a couple of times before. I'm not going to risk playing during this weather, but if it will calm down I'll try to put in another hour or two.

      Started out a week with a couple of sessions with $1.50's and thought that I'll have to continue playing them into next week, but yesterday broke the $210 mark that i set for myself before i could start mixing in $3.50 and it went great after that. Only collected 87.56 VPP's but I'm happier with my play. I may go through my database and dig up some interesting hands.