CS 1.6 - more than a game

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    • mute20
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      I recently have started playing again. I find aiming is a lot easier than in source. Source seems to have to much random shots. Movement is also good when you get shot ,so people don't run around like they didn't get hit by the bullets. Cs:Go seems like a updated version of source from what I have heard. It also rewards camping more ,since they put more junk you can hide behind making a cluttered map.

      To bad my 1.6 is all screwed up and I can't join any servers. Seemingly is not working a day after I was playing.
    • martoman2k10
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      For me CS maps work because they are "simple" - not too much unnecesary shit on the map making it hard to see where the enemy is etc. Source has always been a failure of a game, CS:GO will also be I believe.

      It's pretty amazing already for how long CS has been around for, still the preferred shooter for international events. The community took some big blows to games like WoW and CSS and now HoN, LoL etc. But it still delivers in terms of entertainment when it comes to watching it at the highest level. Games with 4 overtimes are fun to watch indeed =]