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      We have an extensive library of Strategy Articles starting at very basic concepts and working your way up as you increase in status to more complex concepts.

      As basic status, you have access to about 58 articles right off the bat, have a look there first and if things are still unclear do not hesitate to ask for more specific guidance!

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      Hey vikyd1985,

      Firstly, pass our Quiz and get a Free $50 Starting Capital, its always better to play with someone eles cash, right? :D

      If you do claim the Free $50 your account will also be upgraded to Bronze, giving you access to so many more Videos, Articles and Coaching Sessions!

      Once you receive the Free $50, your best option would be to join our NL Beginners course.
      The course will help you grasp the basics on Poker using the BSS(Big Stack Strategy) where you join the table with 100Big Blinds.
      You will start of by creating your own "Locker Room" thread where you introduce yourself to the School & Coach, this is also used to post your future homework tasks into, for marking.
      You can also use the Locker Room thread for any questions you wish to ask the schools Coach, such as:
      :diamond: 3 Players have limped/called, I have 6 :heart: 7 :heart: , what should I do and why?
      :diamond: How can I avoid Tilting so much?
      :diamond: How do you define a "Loose" Player
      Ask absolutely anything! There is no such thing as a stupid question :)

      Once you have your Locker Room thread created, you can begin the learning! We have 8 Lessons for you to study, along with a Homework task with each. You will start out learning "An Introduction to Texas Holdem" & "Your Poker Mindset", you'll then move on to various subjects as you progress through the course such as "Postflop Play" and "Odds".
      There is no rush to complete each lesson, you can take as long as you wish, or even as fast as you like! :]

      The course will point you in the right direction, aiming you towards the most appropriate Articles & Videos suitable for a Beginner, you'll also be able to attend our Live Coaching Sessions hosted by our School coach Veriz. In this you'll be able to watch the Coach Play Micro Limits in Real Time, see how he plays, ask him why he plays specific hands in different ways.

      If you have any questions, or anything your unsure about, feel free to ask us! :)
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      Hey vikyd1985!

      Welcome to the community!

      The advice that Matt and Richard are giving you is the best thing you can do! Don't rush yourself into it to much though, take your time to learn the basics first otherwise you'll loose money right from the beginning. Loosing money isn't fun and it wouldn't be a pleasant start of your poker career!