Hi and welcome to my blog im 25 and from oxford england have I have been playing poker for about 5 years on and off,I basically thought i would just write up about how i get along at poker and if you decide to follow great.
I play a mix of games from $15 and $30 hyper turbo heads up NL to a bit of 50/1 PL omaha.
My favourite though would be NL MTT's which when i get my head on it and focus i do quite well i recently came 32nd out of 6409 in the big $5.50 ok it was only for $68 but a good r.o.i i crashed out with 10's vs jacks.
I guess i should find what im best at and stick to that game, i recently bought pokertracker so i will be analyzing my game and seeing what game i get the best results in and go from there.
I try to play as much as possible but having 2 children and a mrs not to keen on poker i dont get to play as much as i would like.
I play over a few sites Stars mostly, PKR and a bit on party poker.
At time of writing i am playing on PKR 1/2 NL running quite well up $150 at the moment, stars are updating their server or something??
does anyone know if PT3 works with PKR ??
I will be putting hands up that i may want some advice over and would really appreciate it as i like everyone gets into some tough situations and would like to know if i played it wrong etc etc.
I will update as often as possible and throw in a few of my graphs from time to time.
have a good day all.