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Hi my name is Evilpopcorn......and yes......i am a poker addict

    • Evilpopcorn
      Joined: 02.05.2006 Posts: 184
      Hey Guys,

      Ok well i have being playing NL holdem for 2 years now and have done very well for myself. I havent made millions of dollars but i have bought myself a car and am currently living a very comfortable life at university thanks to poker.

      I currently play middle stakes Holdem at two South African poker rooms playing R5/R10 and have played in the R10/R20 games on occassions. The South African Rand is basically at 8 to 1 to the dollar. So compared to overseas sites i dont play big , but in my country i am a middle stakes player. Level of play on these tables is from my experience and talking to friends probably the level of the $1/$2 games.

      I am a TAG player who aspires to play a 19/17/4 (Poker Tracker Stats). I have a decent handle on poker software such as Poker Tracker and Poker Stove.

      The reason i joined up to this site is to broaden my poker horizons by teaching myself limit. I have heard so much about how the great players talk about starting with limit or that learning limit really helped there holdem game. Also wouldnt mind using the site to fix leaks and further my holdem game directly, but for the moment i am gonna focus on developing my limit game.

      I currently work on my game by watching card runner videos and discussing poker on a local forum where i also have my blog.

      Well thats me !

      Hope you guys dont mind me posting alot of sily hands for limit. I am not so clued up on this game so just give me a chance!

      See you around,

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