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    • Krisstef
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      Hi guys,

      I have been analyzing my game lately and i decided to get a second opinion from other poker players. Over the last 60 000 hands or so playing NL10 in party and now stars my stats are:

      VP$IP - 31.2
      3bet- 6.5
      AGG- 40.6%

      I wonder if I have been playing a little loose for the limit and if i could increase my win rate by playing fewer hands? I think I'm probably cold calling too many raises planning to outplay my opponents post flop. It has been working so far i think. What are you win rates for similar limits? What are your stats?
      I have also noticed I'm getting far more passive playing maniacs, I don't want to give them the opportunity to fold by raising them on the flop and i seem to prefer letting them hang themselves with the big bluff.
      Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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